Protocol 24 To The Eea Agreement

At the request of one of the parties, consultations are taking place between the parties on maritime transport issues dealt with in international organizations, as well as on the various aspects of development that have taken place in maritime relations between the parties and third countries, as well as on the functioning of bilateral or multilateral agreements in this area. Free trade agreements are not affected unless otherwise stated in this protocol. If free trade agreements do not apply, the provisions of this agreement apply. While the material provisions of free trade AGREEMENTs continue to be applied, the institutional provisions of these agreements also apply. Without prejudice to Article 11, these agreements do not affect EU legislation on the transmission of information of interest to the competent services of the European Commission and the customs authorities of the Member States between the competent services of the European Commission and the customs authorities of the Member States. The parties are striving to reach agreement on the issues relevant to this agreement. In particular, the EEA Joint Committee is doing everything in its power to find a solution acceptable to both parties when a serious problem arises in all areas under the jurisdiction of the legislature in the EFTA states. 1. The legal capacity, privileges and immunities that must be recognized and granted by EFTA States in relation to the EFTA Supervisory Authority and the EFTA Court of Justice are set out respectively in Protocols 6 and 7 of this agreement. 2. The EFTA Supervisory Authority or the EFTA Court of Justice may reach an agreement with the Government of the States in which their seats are located on the privileges and immunities to be recognized and granted in this context.

In any event, when different relations are established between one of the parties and a third country, consultations take place without delay, in accordance with paragraph 4, on the effects of such a divergence on the maintenance of the free movement of goods within the framework of this agreement. If such an agreement is adopted despite persistent disputes between the Community and another interested party, Part VII of this agreement applies. The EEA Joint Committee makes decisions by mutual agreement between the Community on the one hand and the EFTA States, which speak with one voice on the other. The duly empowered officials of one of the contracting parties may, with the agreement of the other party and under the conditions set by the other party, receive information from the offices of the required authority or authority, on the violation of customs legislation which the applicant authority needs for the purposes of this protocol. If the Competent Authority finds that certain agreements of a strictly analog and effect nature are concluded with the above provisions, it authorizes them, among other things, that this paragraph applies to distributors, it also authorizes them, if they have ensured that they meet the same requirements. any agreement or category of agreements between companies; Prior to reaching an agreement with a third country in the territory covered by this chapter, the parties consult with each other to ensure compatibility with the provisions of this chapter, particularly where the agreement contains provisions that depart from the customs security measures covered in this chapter.