Arc Discovery Agreement

Submit the request by e-mail to RIC ( within the deadline for internal filing of the RICs. If you have an honorary or professorial fellowship appointment (no substantially paid dates) and would like to apply to become Chief Investigator, please contact as soon as possible to obtain a CVD certification. In addition, the Management CI must obtain and withhold the written consent of all relevant persons and entities so that the proposed project can proceed in accordance with the funding rules. This excludes employers` organisations of foreign partners Investigators (PIs) and the current organisation of a participant who is not their organisation relevant to the proposal. Certifications are not required for the CI lead or the University of Adelaide (both certified with the RFR). For the Discovery Project Round 2022 to be eligible, all CIs must meet the following criteria from 1 January 2022: The CI lead is responsible for completing the final report in good time to allow research grants to submit it before the due date. One month before the final report is due, the CI Lead receives an automated email reminder from Newcastle University`s Research Information Management System (RIMS). 40.6. Social science datasets: All numerical data from a social science research project should be submitted to the Australian Social Science Data Archive (ASSDA) for secondary use by other researchers. This should normally be done within two years of the completion of field research as part of the project research. If a CI does not intend to do so within the two-year period, it should include the reasons in the final project report. Please read the instructions in the Arc Report – Second Version before completing your final report.

Previous diagrams can be found in the instructions in the final report – First publication. A11.5.2 Researchers and institutions are required to maintain and maintain research data in accordance with the Australian Code of Responsibility for Research (2007). Researchers should briefly explain in their proposal how they intend to manage research data from a project. The CRA strongly recommends that project data be deposited in an appropriate specialized and/or institutional repository accessible to the public. Where applicable, the final report should indicate how the data were made public. b) The final report must explain why the results of the research resulting from a project have not been disclosed within twelve months of the date of publication of the research results. The final report should specify how the data resulting from the project was made public, if any. We strongly recommend that the Ci Lead prompt each participating IC in their application to create a screenshot of the Final Report Status page in RMS for their records in the event of an authorization request. Progress/year-end reports should contain changes to the start and end date, transfer requests, and any major issues that impacted the progress of the project.

The CRA also needs a more detailed explanation in the following circumstances: Transfer search results to ARC RMS for CRA funding applications A variation of the Funding Agreement (AFP) is required for all substantial changes to CRA-funded projects. The information in the final report is used by the CRA to determine whether the project has been completed. If a final report is deemed insufficient, the CI lead is contacted for more information. After submitting the application to the CRA, please provide an electronic copy of the application submitted to Research Services (email to – the PDF generated by RMS (nominative agreement DP2201XXXXX_CI SURNAME_PROPOSAL.pdf). It is the responsibility of the Lead CI to ensure that the final report is true and complete, in accordance with the CRA`s funding agreement and rules, that it meets the CRA`s reporting requirements, and that it is submitted to RMS in a timely manner. . . .