Vehicle Maintenance Service Level Agreement Template

Understanding service levels is important for fleet asset lifecycle management, as it is for other assets. They determine what types of assets will be made available, how often they will be retained, when assets will be rehabilitated or replaced, and how assets will be disposed of. The SLA aims to establish a partnership between the parties, focusing on the agreed measures in order to provide operational services with the required level of service. An SLA increases accountability and improves customer service and service delivery. 8 A-1 Automotive will report quarterly on any necessary changes or additions to the preventive maintenance contract for transit services. Service Level Agreement Sample 20.07.2010. Page 8 of 24. Example of a service level agreement for urban services Amendment of the preventive maintenance agreement Urban transport services must submit amendments in writing; Requests for oral amendments are not accepted. As soon as an amendment has been tabled, the two parties discuss the impact of the amendment on the preventive maintenance contract.

As soon as the two parties agree on the new timetable and costs, the amendment will be accepted. If both parties do not reach an agreement on the modification, the amendment is not accepted and the initial preventive maintenance contract is in place. Note: A change requirement is defined as any requirement to make changes to the functionality of an existing system or service, or any requirement to add functions to an existing system or service. Preventive maintenance contract between urban transport and A-1 Automotive Valid situation: 13.01.2009. Service Level Agreement for Urban Transport Services Example of Data Protection Information This document may contain confidential information. This information should not be shared with persons other than those participating in this preventive maintenance contract or who will be involved during the life cycle. Persons responsible for the provision of the services described in this preventive maintenance contract and who sign this preventive maintenance contract. A-1 Automotive [address]. [business owner]. The persons who verify, authorize and sign this preventive maintenance contract and who are responsible for the maintenance of all associated components. Urban transport [address]. [business owner].

[system administrators]. A-1 Automotive [address]. [business owner]. [system administrators]. Service Level Agreement Sample 20.07.2010. Prior to the establishment of an SLA, fleet management must have an SLA with the mechanical service provider on maintenance plans and response times to failures. 9 A-1 Automotive must obtain written permission from City Transit Services prior to any modification or modification. City Transit Services reserves the right to schedule such changes and/or sponsored changes at any time in order to minimize the impact on the day-to-day operation of transit services. Service Objectives A-1 Automotive will contact the relevant City Transit Services authorities by telephone if repairs beyond the normal City Transit Services inspection list are required. After completing any preventive maintenance inspection, A-1 Automotive provides a list of necessary repairs before the vehicle reaches its next preventive maintenance inspection. Non-compliance with the General Terms and Conditions Failure to comply with the conditions set out may lead to the termination of the preventive maintenance contract.

Maintenance Continuity A-1 Automotive is committed to providing maintenance services to satisfy urban transit services. An example of a service level agreement can be found in the IPWEA Plant & Vehicle Management Manual Edition 3. 6 Costs are described in more detail in service level agreement example 20.07.2010. Page 6 of 24. City Transit Services Service Level Agreement Example key contacts A-1 Automotive 1. Contact City Transit Services Contact 1. Contact Name Name Title Email Address Email Address Phone Number A-1 Automotive 2. Contact City Transit Services Contact 2. Contact Name Title Email Address Email Address Phone number Coverage times are [x] to [x] from Monday to Saturday….